Revitalizing Judaism

The David Cardozo Academy seeks to restore the relevance of Judaism as a force of authentic, non-dogmatic religiosity.

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Chanukah Menora

Chanukah: To Pretend to Be Religious?

One of the great problems any religious person should struggle with is whether it is actually possible to be religious. In fact, what is the essence of genuine religiosity? The concept at the root of all religions is the awareness that it is extremely difficult to live up to the awe of the moment. The famous dispute regarding the order of lighting the Chanukah lights illuminates a practical approach to this issue.

“Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo has emerged as one of the most thoughtful voices in contemporary Judaism. He is a man of deep faith and wide intellectual horizons, unafraid to confront the challenges of the age with the quiet confidence of one who is attuned to the music of eternity.”

—Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, z.l., former Chief Rabbi of the UK


Latest Zoom Lecture

The Jewish State is something unique amidst human history – an ancient nation returned to its land after 2,000 years of exile. This historical event holds tremendous religious value over and above the national value we all appreciate, but the State also challenges Judaism and Jewish Law. How is Judaism to adjust to these new circumstances?

Rabbi Cardozo discusses this and, basing himself on some of the great halachic authorities argues that the Nation of Israel’s return to the Land of Israel should be a direct return to the ideal world of Judaism, where, under these singular conditions, Jewish Law once again can become organic and dynamic, and awaken from its, albeit essential, stagnation during the long exile.

Faith & Defiance

Chapter 13 – Prayer, and Authentic and Unauthentic Sexuality

The beauty of the human body in the eyes of another human is beyond comprehension just as God’s “splendor” is. However, when the beauty of the body is used for the wrong reasons it becomes vulgar, and the inner Divine beauty is exposed and violated.

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