Revitalizing Judaism

The David Cardozo Academy seeks to restore the relevance of Judaism as a force of authentic, non-dogmatic religiosity.

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Achieving Joy: Be a Simpleton

Joy is not a “peak experience” which climaxes and ends suddenly, but rather a plateau. It is not the ecstatic fire of the moment but the glow of growing from within.

“Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo has emerged as one of the most thoughtful voices in contemporary Judaism. He is a man of deep faith and wide intellectual horizons, unafraid to confront the challenges of the age with the quiet confidence of one who is attuned to the music of eternity.”

—Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, z.l., former Chief Rabbi of the UK


Faith & Defiance

Chapter 10: God, Bach, and the Chasidic Nigun

Music touches the otherwise untouchable and intangible within us. It soars toward the infinite. When I listen to music, I feel like my feet are lifted off the ground and my soul is extracted from my body and starts to live a life of its own. There is no way to “prove” this feeling of transcendence, just as love cannot be proven. It belongs to an entirely different realm.

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